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I’m a Commercial, Senior and Family Portrait Photographer based in Cadillac, MI. Musician Photography fills out the fun, creative spaces of life. No distance is too far to capture the portrait or event image that you will treasure for life.

So when it is all said and done, when a house fire, tornado, flood or any other disaster hits your home it is the photos that are the things that are most treasured of earthly possessions. More people will try and rush back for these irreplaceable treasures. If a portrait of a loved one has such value then I want to be a part of helping you bring that treasure to life.

Every session I participate in it is with that passion in mind. It is a team effort. Bringing that image to life is a process. It is not just a point n click and we are done scenario. A great location portrait shoot has many things that need to work together to make this treasure come to life. It is from the location to the time of day, to which part of the location to leave in and which to leave out, it all matters. Maybe you have seen on TV the director moving around a set with either their hands in a box shape or an eyepiece that helps them set up what the camera will see. Whether to use natural light, reflective light, artificial light, all three or maybe a combination of all of them are some of the many choices that need to be made to lead to the best final outcome. What I offer you is years of experience plus the tools and equipment to bring that treasured image to life.

I was told one time, after someone had seen one of my images, “Man you must have a really expensive camera.” I said, “If you ate a meal that someone had made for you and you thought the food was excellent, would you tell them, ‘You must have a really expensive stove.'” It’s not the cost of the equipment that makes a great image.

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