Location, location, location. My preferred place to capture your image is the location that has the most meaning to you. If I choose the location without consulting with you, the personal connection can be lost. When you view that image, I want you to connect in a relevant way, more than just, “Oh, Cool” but instead, “This is It!” But then on the other side you, as the subject, you may want me to choose the location to set up the best possible environment and time for the magic to happen. Where the sun is in the sky can play a big part to having the best possible priceless image. You, Stars of the image, are the important issue at hand. You are the one who makes the image a treasure for a lifetime and hopefully with a little creative magic I hope to make you go, “Oh yeah, I like that.” The location is just filler unless it has great significance to you as a special location in your life. Either way, I’ll work with you to get the location, and the shot you’re looking for or may be the shot you never thought was possible. If we have the time, we can travel a bit and look for a more classic location to create more timeless captures. In the end, I hope to be your go-to guy when you want that personal portrait or event captured in time.

To get this process started we meet, via phone, face to face or email and all the ideas are put out to ponder. The creative juices do their work, and if you wish, I can search out the location that I believe will fit your imaging needs. For me as a professional photographer, my mission is to capture a treasured moment that you will value forever.

I began my interest in photography back in the 80′s. From college, I traveled to California to pursue my interests in music and it is still alive today. As a side, I got to see many wonderful things and capturing those moments in time has been a treasure that has spurred me on this passion. I want to help create the same treasure for you.

Let’s get connected and get this process going. I look forward to hearing from you.